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Telemedicine-Scheduling A Vide...

Telemedicine-Scheduling A Video Visit

We are excited to announce that Van Dorn Pediatrics is now offering Televisits on a larger scale. Televisits allow our doctors to conduct certain appointments via video as an alternative to office visits. Call us to schedule your Televisit. Copay/ deductible is due at the time of scheduling to minimize wait time for your visit.

Televisits could be done using the Healow app on your phone or on the Patient Portal from your PC. If you choose to use your phone; kindly download the Healow app from the app store and create an account for your child.

Once signed in click on appointments, then Televist, and enter you child’s vitals then click submit and start your Televist with your doctor.

Below are video tutorials for how to conduct a televisit using the patient portal on your computer or the Healow app on your phone. 

Please log into your account at least 15 mins prior to your appointment time. Please note that Televisits cannot be replaced by a phone call.

Here are some examples of conditions that could be managed through Televisits:


2. Asthma follow up if less than 6 years of age


4. Pink eye

5.Cold symptoms without ear pain 

6.Diarrhea/ vomiting

7. Follow up concussion

8. Allergies


10. Feeding problems

12.Speech concerns

13. Sleep concerns


15. Hair loss/ Dandruff/ Lice

16. ringworm

17. Rashes

18. School problems

19. Autism

20. Behavioral concerns

21. Fever

Telemedicine visits could be scheduled throughout the day from 8:00 AM-10:00 PM daily, 7 days a week!



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Call the office to schedule your televisit appointment today! Available until 10 PM daily and on weekends.Click here for televisit tutorials!