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I am an expecting mother; can I meet the pediatrician before my baby is born?

Yes, as a matter of fact, we strongly encourage expecting parents to visit our office before the baby is born. We offer complimentary pre-natal visits where you will be given a tour of the office and have the chance to meet the pediatrician and office staff. Simply call our office during business hours to schedule an appointment and come with questions!

Is your office accepting new patients?

Yes, we are always happy to welcome new families into our practice. Call our office during business hours for additional information.

Will a doctor come see my newborn baby at the hospital?

Dr. Andrawis has privileges at Inova Fairfax Hospital, Inova Alexandria Hospital, and Virginia Hospital Center. He can see your newborn at one of these hospitals within 24 hours of delivery. Simply inform the hospital staff that you have chosen him as your pediatrician upon admission.
If you are not delivering your baby at one of these hospitals, we are still happy to see your baby at our practice! Call our office upon discharge from the hospital to schedule the appointment.

What do I do if my child is sick after hours?

If you feel that your child is suffering from a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.
You can also reach the doctor on-call by calling our regular office number and listening for the number listed in the recorded voice message. Please call this number and leave a detailed message with the name of your child and a call-back number. A pediatrician will return your call as soon as possible.

Can I have a copy of my child’s vaccine records?

Yes! Simply call our office and inform the staff that you need a copy. You can either pick it up from our office, or we can fax it to another facility if you provide us with their fax number. This service is free of charge.

Can I have a copy of my child’s medical records?

Yes, please fill out the Request Medical Records form and return it to our office. We will call you when the records are ready within 3-5 days. The fee for this service is $20.

What is SPOT vision screening?

SPOT vision screening is a state of the art, photo screening machine that can detect common vision problems in your child in a quick and noninvasive way.

The SPOT vision screen offers advantages over traditional Snellen wall charts and Allen cards because it is less time-consuming and offers greater details about your child’s vision.

– SPOT vision screening is reliable in detecting the following seven vision issues:
– Hyperopia: farsightedness
– Myopia: nearsightedness
– Astigmatism: blurred vision
– Anisometropia: unequal refractive power
– Gaze: eye alignment measurement
– Anisocoria: unequal pupil size

What is fluoride varnishing?

Fluoride varnish is a gel that is applied to the teeth of children in order to reduce tooth decay. Studies have shown that the application of fluoride varnish gives added protection to children’s teeth when used in conjunction with regular teeth brushing.

Why am I receiving bills? I have insurance!

The health insurance system is complicated, making billing a difficult concept to address. Each family has a specific contract with their insurance company, which details what parts of a visit the insurance will cover. We cannot inform you of your financial responsibility before the visit, because we are often blind to what charges the insurance will cover, since we do not know the details of your specific insurance contract. After your visit to the doctor’s office, we submit the visit details to your insurance company, who then informs us what charges we must write off, what we may bill to the patient, and what they will cover. It is only then that we send out a bill. For questions regarding uncovered services, please contact your insurance company.

What is Reach out and Read?

Reach out and Read (ROR) is a non-profit organization that promotes early literacy by emphasizing to parents the importance of reading with their children from a young age. We have been active members of ROR since 2004 and enjoy seeing the benefits of the program. Through ROR we are able to encourage reading by giving each child from 6 months to 5 years of age a new, age-appropriate book at every well child visit. Click here for more information about the organization. (http://reachoutandread.org/)

Can I become a part of the team at Van Dorn Pediatrics?

Our position availability changes, but we are always happy to consider adding new people to our team. Please send any job inquiries to vdpeds@gmail.com with a resume and cover letter. Our office manager will review all applications.

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